Thursday, May 31, 2012

:: sign of a new journey ::

18/11/2011,a very unforgettable memory ever..the day where i was 'booked' by someone,a simple guy but with a great heart...After all i've been thru over 22years before,this is the time where this guy had really touched my deep heart...

....on that day,was held our simple engagement day,just a sign saying that we agreed to live together in a bound relationship...the ceremony was very simple but really happening though,although not many relatives can attend,but yet seems like the house was full of people...and yes,how i really appreciate a lot those people who had sacrifice all their time just to be here with me during my simple E day....

... to all my family members especially umi n bapa..thank u so much for giving me the trust and opportunity to go thru all this although you realise that both of us are still in "student" mode..thanks for supporting us! all my closed and true friends,thanks for coming..u girls are very a true friend of mine..

..last but not least,to this 'guy',abu hanifah,thank you for entering into my life,althiugh we just knew each other for not more than 6month,but i know that u have a very good heart that i can rely on,u have come in right on time and for all the time being with u is just like feeling every second of my heart beats!..

some pictures as memories... <3
sarung cincin time
some of our hantaran..

:: updating! ::


after a looonnnng time since i last updated my blog,and here i am once again just to stop by and jog some little things here..oh i really miss my daring baring blog..i just missed all the free time i  have to update my blog..but now everything's changed..i am now the busiest woman ever...

well,with the existence of myself now,i will try to update my daring blog from time to pals,do stick and wait for the updating news ya!

miss all of u..

thanx..wslm =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~ wanita solehah ~

Mampukah aku menjadi seperti Khadijah.?

Agung cintanya pada Allah dan Rasulullah

Hartanya diperjuangkan ke jalan Fisabilillah

Penawar hati kekasih Allah

Susah senang rela bersama

Dapatkah kudidik jiwa seperti Aishah.?

Isteri Rasulullah yang bijaksana

Pendorong tatkala kesusahan dan penderitaan

Tiada sukar untuk dilaksanakan

Lantaran keikhlasan yang sentiasa bersarang

Mengalir air mataku

Melihat pengorbanan puteri solehah Fatimah

Akur dalam setiap perintah

Taat dengan ayahandanya yang sentiasa berjuang

Tiada sebarang harta dunia

Layaklah dia penghulu wanita syurga

Ketika aku marah

Ingin kuintip serpihan sabar

Dari catatan hidup Siti Sarah

Mampukah aku menjadi wanita solehah seperti mereka.?

Mati dalam keunggulan iman

Bersinar indah, harum tersebar

Bagai wanginya pusara Masyitah..

its me....

its me....