Tuesday, September 18, 2012

~ Internship ~

31/1/2012 ~ yeahhhh!! finally,i've completed my practical training which owned me for almost 6 month!!! (sigh)...although it sounds funny (yela..6 bulan je tp da mcm 6 thn..huuu) but,anyhow,i manage to complete it with flying coloursss!! Alhamdulillah....after all the hardship i've gone thru my internship duration,it was really an experience for me...i never expect that i will be able to achieve until the final drip of it!..why?

....it is because,my internship training were running parallely with my pregnancy period!..i've started the training during my 4month pregnancy and to be truth,i only ended the training on my last trimester i.e 8 month pregnancy..just imagine that i have to come to work everyday carrying my adorable lil baby inside me,plus that i have to walk almost 1km per day back and forth from work to LRT station..quite tiring kan?ok,not quite,but VERY tiring..luckily during my training,my boss and my colleague do really help me a lot,perhaps they feel pity on me,a mummy-to-be have to come to work and do the workloads and stuff...

.....just to recall,during this almost 6 month at macrokiosk sdn bhd,i do learn a lot,although my situation dont really allow me much,but still i learnt something new,i learn the working life environment,i learn all those "how to" (malas nk mention semua) throughout the training period,especially conduct a real-presentation to client and team meeting stuff..quite interesting though because i work there as an researcher,so i need to meet and consult with these people most of the time and plus i get to know and explore new things too before it was known by public!!cool rite?? so,if there is anyone who love to work with more-to-mobile computing environment,be pleased to send your resume to macrokiosk sdn bhd (erk..bkn promote k,just sharing..heee)..so,a very thank you to all macrokiosk-an staff for giving me the opportunity to gain more knowledge thus shared the experience with me! GRACIAS!

....so until before the due date,i have been rest for about a month before my actual due date arrived...i have to take full time rest and to gain all those effort and strength back for my BIG day..OhMy....i just cant imagine how i will gone thru all "these" situation..really freakin' out of me!!
Apapun,just remember these words and remeber Allah,the Utmost
~ Lailahailla anta subhanakainni kuntu minazzoliminn~

Till then........

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3D 4D Scan~


just to share with all of you,when i first noticed and aware of my first pregnancy experienced,i have gone thru all sites and pages on pregnancy tips and habit/diet..as i dont have any experience at all (well,different people will face different experience,right?)...

so,i started to join some of these pages as a guide and a group for me to share pregnancy knowledge and experience that is Hospital Bersalin and Persatuan ibu-ibu comel mengandung..both of this groups are my favorite as everytime i login to facebook,it is a MUST for me to directly go to these two groups...

..so,since i joined in to that both groups,i really had increased my pregnancy knowledge and most of the time,i managed to overcome any slightly pregnancy problems during my 9month duration and also some of the tips on easy delivery (erk..betul ke ayat ni?)..nevermind!...Ans also tips on how to reduce the pain when in labour....

here are some tips for mommies outhere who are just counting the days for the happy moment to receive new members of the family!!
And this is my true experienced

1#Walk : once you've reached phase 2 of your pregnancy(4-6 month),you are advised to start to walk around and about just to strengthen your legs and bottom to easily push the baby when deliver.me,myself had done that during my 4moth of pregnancy until birth..it is really working you know!!

2#Legs to high position : this issue mostly occurs to every expecting womens(well,not really everybody,but majority of them).as all of us aware that starting from 5moth above,the more you gain weight,the more you will face this edema or in other words we call it swollen extremities.so,the best to do is,Put your feet up whenever possible,Take regular breaks from sitting or standing. A short walk every so often will help keep your blood from pooling in your lower extremities

3#sleeping tips : During the third trimester, sleep on your left side to allow for the best blood flow to the fetus and to your uterus and kidneys. Avoid lying flat on your back for a long period of time.Also can use special pregnancy body pillow or a regular pillow to support your body.

4#recite surah maryam and surah lukman : this tips i've been following until my delivery day.The tips is given by mu mum whereby she told me,by reciting the surah again and again will ease you during you delivery time..Read the surah as many as you can to help and comfort you later.

5#Avoid asam : Do not eat any kind of asam in order to reduce nausea (morning sickness).As we all know that asam is one of the acidic kind,so it is really not helping you in order to reduce your sickness.better to drink a lot of plain water and regularly take simple snacks in between of your main course.this is to avoid from gettinmg another symptom of gastric! which will bring you more worst (urghhh!!)

6#Get enough rest : Do keep in mind that during pregnancy,you will need extra time to rest and probabily you will need  more time to rest and sleep.Make sure you get enough of fresh and cool air..why not,sometimes just ask your husb to bring you to some nice and cool place for a rest..that will surely helps!

7#ayat nabi yunus : Lastbut not least,try as many as you can to recite ayat nabi yunus..
"lailahailla anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzolimin"
Insyaallah,this will totally help you a lot!

Good luck Mommies and all the best!!

OK,thats enough i guess about the tips,just to share during my 5moth of pregnancy,i went for a 4D scan which is totally awesome!!i can see my baby real face despite of the skin color and i was so amaze to see the baby move around and about..she was sooo cute tho...(aaaahhhh)
comelnye lil princess ummi ni...

so,i will share a picture of my lil princess in my womb!

she soo adorable!!
see,it is really clear isn it??what a canggih technology we have nowadays.Borrowing astro quotes "macam-macam ada'..that is what technology are facing nowadays =)

so thats all..daaaa..wassalam

Friday, August 10, 2012

~a mother to an unborn child~

...After about 1month of our marriage,all of sudden i realize that i havent gone thru my menstruation period yet and i guess perhaps it is a slightly somehow a typical error as i am married and maybe my woman's hormone have might be the major caused to that issue...

..On the other day somehow i have this strange feeling and i dont know how to describe it,but that feelings had forced me to make a drastic decision to have a self-service checkup...

...So on the next day,after completed the class timetable for that day,i did not straight away went home,but instead,i swerve to another place..so i stopped by at giant hypermarket and went to guardian pharmacy shop,quickly pick-up one of the cheapest pregnancy kit,paid at the counter and went back..while walking to my car,i suddenly remember that i have to buy some grocceries,so i turned back and walk into the giant market to quickly buy some stuff then quickly headed home..(actually i am so eager to make the first attempt of trial..)

..Arrived home,i didnt informed my husb about the self-investigation yet because dat time i dont feel so eager to make an attempt.so,i proceed on doing my housechores,cooking!!yeah dats right,so that moment,i spent quite sometime to get done with all my-so-simple cooking skill (im not that really good in cooking actually..so bad right?)

..after having our dinner that night,mu husb went down to the mosque for maghrib prayer,so i decided to take a bath and make my first trial on the kit.At first,from my first sight,the result was -ve,how am i very frustrated with the result,but nevermind.so i just proceed to finish up my bath time.Done with bathing,i get ready to perform my prayer and during that time all of sudden i feel like my heartbeats stopped when i see the result.......it shows - DOUBLE LINE - meaning that im +ve!!!

..When my husb came back,i ran impatiently towards him and show him the result,with a smile on his face,he recite "Alhamdulillah"...we were very happy and just cant wait till feb2012..the duration of 9month really kills my patient badly..

one of my pic during maternity~sweet kan??
till then..........To be continue

Monday, June 18, 2012

~ a tie that'll last till the end ~

 on 28/5/2011,sharp at 9.30am,a girl were now legally belongs to a guy called "husband".dengan sekali lafaz,maka sah lah hubungan kami as a husband and wife..and of course,our resposibility towarsd each other will become even more wider...

...the solemnization was held at the villa M,witnesses by both of the family members,my father who is the one who conduct the nikah session while being observed by the jurunikah...alhamdulillah everything seems to work smoothly and feels like the event were happened very fast (mana tak nye nervous giler kot)...


....settle the nikah parts,we came to a part that everyone was waiting for (actually pengantin je yg xsabar..hehe)sarung cincin parts!..Yes!during sarung cincin session,my husband claimed that my hand was very cold (nervous kannnn),but my face remains cool...thats the trick actually
sarung cincin...

husband blessing
 ...Alhamdulillah..all praises to Allah for the happiness you've gave to us..after all the circumstances and obstacles we've gone through..finally,we achieved to be right where we are now...
..hoping that this relationship will end until jannah and may our love will keep on continuing without any doubt...AMIN~


Thursday, May 31, 2012

:: sign of a new journey ::

18/11/2011,a very unforgettable memory ever..the day where i was 'booked' by someone,a simple guy but with a great heart...After all i've been thru over 22years before,this is the time where this guy had really touched my deep heart...

....on that day,was held our simple engagement day,just a sign saying that we agreed to live together in a bound relationship...the ceremony was very simple but really happening though,although not many relatives can attend,but yet seems like the house was full of people...and yes,how i really appreciate a lot those people who had sacrifice all their time just to be here with me during my simple E day....

... to all my family members especially umi n bapa..thank u so much for giving me the trust and opportunity to go thru all this although you realise that both of us are still in "student" mode..thanks for supporting us!

...to all my closed and true friends,thanks for coming..u girls are very a true friend of mine..

..last but not least,to this 'guy',abu hanifah,thank you for entering into my life,althiugh we just knew each other for not more than 6month,but i know that u have a very good heart that i can rely on,u have come in right on time and for all the time being with u is just like feeling every second of my heart beats!..

some pictures as memories... <3
sarung cincin time
some of our hantaran..

:: updating! ::


after a looonnnng time since i last updated my blog,and here i am once again just to stop by and jog some little things here..oh my..how i really miss my daring baring blog..i just missed all the free time i  have to update my blog..but now everything's changed..i am now the busiest woman ever...

well,with the existence of myself now,i will try to update my daring blog from time to time....so pals,do stick and wait for the updating news ya!

miss all of u..

thanx..wslm =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~ wanita solehah ~

Mampukah aku menjadi seperti Khadijah.?

Agung cintanya pada Allah dan Rasulullah

Hartanya diperjuangkan ke jalan Fisabilillah

Penawar hati kekasih Allah

Susah senang rela bersama

Dapatkah kudidik jiwa seperti Aishah.?

Isteri Rasulullah yang bijaksana

Pendorong tatkala kesusahan dan penderitaan

Tiada sukar untuk dilaksanakan

Lantaran keikhlasan yang sentiasa bersarang

Mengalir air mataku

Melihat pengorbanan puteri solehah Fatimah

Akur dalam setiap perintah

Taat dengan ayahandanya yang sentiasa berjuang

Tiada sebarang harta dunia

Layaklah dia penghulu wanita syurga

Ketika aku marah

Ingin kuintip serpihan sabar

Dari catatan hidup Siti Sarah

Mampukah aku menjadi wanita solehah seperti mereka.?

Mati dalam keunggulan iman

Bersinar indah, harum tersebar

Bagai wanginya pusara Masyitah..

its me....

its me....