Friday, August 10, 2012

~a mother to an unborn child~

...After about 1month of our marriage,all of sudden i realize that i havent gone thru my menstruation period yet and i guess perhaps it is a slightly somehow a typical error as i am married and maybe my woman's hormone have might be the major caused to that issue...

..On the other day somehow i have this strange feeling and i dont know how to describe it,but that feelings had forced me to make a drastic decision to have a self-service checkup...

...So on the next day,after completed the class timetable for that day,i did not straight away went home,but instead,i swerve to another i stopped by at giant hypermarket and went to guardian pharmacy shop,quickly pick-up one of the cheapest pregnancy kit,paid at the counter and went back..while walking to my car,i suddenly remember that i have to buy some grocceries,so i turned back and walk into the giant market to quickly buy some stuff then quickly headed home..(actually i am so eager to make the first attempt of trial..)

..Arrived home,i didnt informed my husb about the self-investigation yet because dat time i dont feel so eager to make an,i proceed on doing my housechores,cooking!!yeah dats right,so that moment,i spent quite sometime to get done with all my-so-simple cooking skill (im not that really good in cooking bad right?)

..after having our dinner that night,mu husb went down to the mosque for maghrib prayer,so i decided to take a bath and make my first trial on the kit.At first,from my first sight,the result was -ve,how am i very frustrated with the result,but i just proceed to finish up my bath time.Done with bathing,i get ready to perform my prayer and during that time all of sudden i feel like my heartbeats stopped when i see the shows - DOUBLE LINE - meaning that im +ve!!!

..When my husb came back,i ran impatiently towards him and show him the result,with a smile on his face,he recite "Alhamdulillah"...we were very happy and just cant wait till feb2012..the duration of 9month really kills my patient badly..

one of my pic during maternity~sweet kan??
till then..........To be continue

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