Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~day,day n day...

:: today 21/7/09...nothing interesting act..juz having some tiring period of time going back to classes as part of a students requirement n obligation..
but today is our lucky day act coz most of the class were cancelled becoz of some prob..
that evening we went to carrefour wangsa maju to buy some stuff,then we went for dinner as nisah wants to break her fast..so,we chose pizza hut as our delight..

erm,juz to share some sweet moment with u all..
act,weekend bru ni sy g men bowling ngn ima..esk plak men bowling ngn kwn2...nk tau sape mnang??
of coz la sy yg mnang..hihi..ni la bkti nye klu korg xcye..hehe
jgn slh phm..bkn nk mnunjuk but juz to keep it as my sweetest moment dpt strike..hehe..
not bad la kn?

xsgka plak byk leh strike..hihi..
nsib je tu act..hee
jgn mrh ek..spe2 xpuas ati..jom r kte challenge..
grau jer..
sowi la for the late update ..
lately ni lots of work n assignment to be accomplish..
sem ni nk dpt pointer tggi skit..so kne struggle a bit r..
bkn a bit je..kne struggle a lot la..hee..
ok la tu..
myb pasni lmbt plak la sy update blog nie..
arap phm k my frenz..
bwat my luvy fmly..
~kakak windu kt korang sume..huhu
i wanna go home!
x aci pah n adah dpt tdung..
kkak nk jgk..xkre kne tntut gak nbie..hihi..
k la,ad skit g keje nk siapkn..
so,c yaa..

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  1. ktorg pun rndu kakak yg busuk!
    haha,,jgn jeles k!

    ouh..lupa nk bgtaw..
    pah nk sluar jeans k!
    not slack..
    jeans yg ketat2 gtu,,ok??




its me....

its me....